Mesa County Sheriff Posse

2022 is a Wrap!

Congratulations to our gymkhana high-point winners:

1st place: Brooklyn Brackett
2nd place: Cooper White
3rd place: Peyton White

1st place: Wyatt Keeling
2nd place: Aspen Moore
3rd place: Kimber Smith
4th place: Cameron McGregor
5th place: Kenzie Thom
6th place: Kara Blake

1st place: Jentri McFarland
2nd place: Brook Keeling
3rd place: Mallory McGregor
4th place: Kenleigh Goering

1st place: Abbie Chenault
2nd place: Savannah Woodhams
3rd place: Maya Sills
4th place: Christney Blair

1st place: Rebecca Lawson
2nd place: Gypsy Fisher
3rd place: Michelle Graf
4th place: Kim McGregor
5th place: Robin Bruckner

1st place: Deana Graham

Special thank you to all of our riders for coming out this year and supporting the Mesa County Sheriff’s Posse Gymkhanas!

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors: the Fruita Co-op, Merritt & Associates, Baja Tile, Pig-a-sus and the Mesa County Sheriff’s Posse volunteers.