Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Control (SARC) was organized in 1966 with a few Mesa County Sheriff Posse members and citizen band radio operators. It is now a non-profit organization with several individual clubs or groups. Excluding the officials of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), SARC is strictly a volunteer organization. All manpower and personal equipment is given as needed. When working on an official mission, all volunteers (as required by Colorado law) are under the jurisdiction of the MCSO. When a request for assistance is made by the MCSO, SARC volunteers are dispatched as needed to complete the mission. These volunteers may be on foot, horseback, 4X4 drive, ATV, boat, or snowmobile as needed. Whatever the conditions, members do their best to meet those demands.

Mesa County Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer, non-profit group registered with the state of Colorado. Our search and rescue members carry out a tradition of helping others by dedicating time, information, skills equipment, and money to the relief of suffering, and to the humanitarian cause of saving lives. Our members are trained, willing and able to go out at any time in any type of weather (as long as our own safety is not compromised) to search for lost or missing persons and to aid and assist them in any way needed including emergency medical care. Our volunteers pay for and maintain their own horses, trucks and trailers and self-deploy when called by responsible authority to help with a lost, missing, or injured person.  

Why Search on Horseback?